'Lo Que La Vida Me Robo' Spoilers: When Will Alejandro Find Out Montserrat Is Lying About Jose Luis?

'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' Spoilers
The time is ticking on the relationship between Montserrat and Alejandro and it will go south when the truth about José Luis is revealed. Televisa

"Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" will take a drastic turn when the truth about José Luis (Luis Roberto Guzmán) is revealed to Alejandro (Sebastián Rulli), forcing him to make a decision that will leave Montserrat (Angelique Boyer) in shambles. Alejandro and Montserrat's relationship has been rocky since the beginning and they only got married after he arranged for her to do so with the despicable and conniving Graciela (Daniela Castro). When this happened, Montserrat was willing to run away with José Luis, the love of her life, but after beleiving he had died, she opened up her heart to Alejandro. José Luis returns to her life and becomes the foreman at Alejandro's ranch and even befriends him. All this time Montserrat pushed José Luis away as she was truthful with her growing feelings towards Alejandro, but kept his real identity hidden to her husband.

The bomb explodes in an episode that will change the course of the story forever. It is Episode 52 where everything is revealed and Alejandro confronts Montserrat and sends her packing out of his ranch. Just as you thought Alejandro and Montserrat would be happy and dandy when she revealed she was expecting a child, this showers over their joy. Alejandro is furious and tells Montserrat to go to hell and that he will never recognize the child she has as he believes it's probably José Luis. Alejandro also vanishes from his home Carlota (Gaby Rivero) and his mother (which he doesn't know). The couple say their goodbyes as sadness reigns in these epic scenes.

In the subsequent episodes Alejandro brings Maria (Grettel Valdez) back to the ranch and installs her as the woman of the house. He treats her like his wife and buys her a whole new set of wardrobe despite her being part of the lie and knowing of José Luis identity. Maria uses this opportunity to try and seduce Alejandro and finally bag him for good. As of now a rekindle of Alejandro and Montserrat's love is not sure to happen, especially not after a tragedy that is sure to seperate the couple apart even further. Univision aired Episode 38 last night and Episode 52 is scheduled to air Monday, February 3 if they don't pre-empt the telenovela. "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" airs nightly on Univision at 9pm/8c.

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