Angelique Boyer, star of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," has had a rough couple of months following the decline in health of her mother that lead up to her death in recent days. Understandably, the actress has been having a difficult time coping with Sylvie Rousseau dying as she was her mother. As a form of managing all her feelings, Boyer posted a heartfelt letter on her Twitter account sharing her thoughts with all of her followers. "It is the biggest blow to the heart that I have ever received, I miss her so much as I never imagined I could," the letter reads. "I still want to say farewell to her, but I can't. I don't know if there is something after death, I don't know if my mother is still alive somewhere else besides our hearts. If she can see us, I don't know. It wasn't important before, but today it is."

"Today I wish with all strength that she can continue watching over us, that she can continue watching us grow, my brother and myself, to follow her greatest love for 33 years and see how we continue with our lives with her teachings, with her love, always having her present. In the most sad night of my life I saw right in front of me how the strongest women I've ever known left. I have never found someone like her in movies nor books. She was my MOTHER. I never imagined that picture in my life. There will never be enough words to express the sorrow that a being so important in my life provokes. I want to see you happy again mom. I miss you."

Angelique's mother had been battling with cardiac complications for weeks and had undergone several surgeries. Boyer's mother had just been practiced an operation on June 11, where she remained in intensive care, then transferred to a different hospital where she ended up dying. Earlier this month the French-born actress had asked her Twitter followers for O-positive blood as her mother was in dire need of it. Production of the Televisa soap has had to halt filming after the recent events. It was reported that Angelli Nesma and her crew altered the production schedule to accommodate Boyer as she goes through this difficult situation.