Three women in London have been rescued after spending 30-years held as slaves. Last month one of the three captives contacted the Freedom Charity saying she had been held against her will for decades along with two other women. The charity called the police and on Oct. 25 the three women ages 69, 57 and 30 were rescued from the south London home. Two people, a man aged 67 and a woman of the same age were arrested and are now out on bail.

The youngest of the three captives, a 30-year-old British woman is believed to have been born in captivity and is said to have had no contact with the world outside the home in which she was enslaved. The three women were described as "deeply traumatized" and are said to be undergoing treatment. On Thursday London's Metropolitan police arrested the captors on "suspicion of being involved in forced labor and domestic servitude." The investigation began when one of the captives, a 57-year-old Irish woman was able to make secret phone calls to the Freedom Charity.

In more secret phone calls the police were able to work with the three women and set up an investigation and an escape plan that would end in the arrest of the two captors. Speaking with The Guardian Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland, who runs the department's human trafficking unit said this case is unlike anything their department has seen. "In London we have investigated cases where people have been held in servitude or forced labor for up to 10 years, but 30 years is quite extraordinary and not something we have seen before."

The three women were forced into slave labor and there is no evidence any were sexually abused. The case of the three captive women in London is similar to a recent case in America where three young women were held in the Cleveland home of a sexual predator. Ariel Castro kidnapped and raped three women over the course of ten years. In May 2013 one of the captives was able to escape from Castro's home and call the police. The three women were freed and Castro was arrested and sentenced to life plus 1,000 years in prison. Castro took his own life while in jail.

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