“Distance can kill the budding romance in any relationship!”- there are tonnes of such comments that, we are sure, coming your way since you entered into a long distance relationship. But what they miss in their “calculations” is the fact that a relationship is all about the efforts two people are ready to put in, which brings us to our topic for today- celebrating Valentine’s day while you are in a long distance relationship.

So, even though you and your partner are separated by miles, there are still ways to add fun and romance to February 14:

1. Add a tinge of the 90s to your romance and go for a love letter

While it is mighty easy to just send them a message on Whatsapp or just a downloaded e-card, what will really get in lieu of all the “love in the air” vibes is a romantic handwritten love letter which reaches them on or before Valentine’s day. Coming to know your feelings in a heartfelt letter written by is all that you need to make their ordinary day extraordinary!

2. Watch your favorite movie together at the same time

Get on a phone call and pick a film you both like. Start watching it at the same time and do what you would have done if you had been sitting in the same room- talk to each other, crack jokes, analyze the film, or maybe discuss it afterward. Prove to them that distance can not take away the special moments you have always shared. 

3. While miles divide you, technology unites you

Take the idea in the last point a notch further and prepare a candlelit dinner. Ask your partner to do the same thing and then get on a Skype call and enjoy dinner with each other as you would have if they were with you in person. 

4. Send them a gift and ensure that they get it first thing in the morning 

This one will need some extra efforts as you will have to organize with her friends to ensure that the gift gets delivered to their door and is the first thing they see, which will surely brighten up their day. 

5. Nothing beats the surprise of them opening the door and finding you standing there

It is not like they switched planets or anything, right? Finding you standing at their door when they open it is the last they expected (but dreamt of). While carrying a gift with you would be customary but nothing beats the happiness they will feel at your thoughtful gesture of flying miles to be with them.

Valentine's Day For Valentine's Day give your wife a gift that is truly from the heart. Luckily for you, love doesn't cost a thing and neither does a hand written message. Shutterstock