While Chile is currently going through procedures to boost their economy, all eye sare on the Latin nation as a business leader made a questionable decision at a dinner party. At the annual Manufacturing Exporters Association dinner, one member made the guest erupt with laughter pulling a unexpected stunt but other leaders are not too pleased.

According to FOX News Latino, Social media lit up Wednesday after a business leader presented a naked female inflatable doll to Chilean Economy Minister Luis Felipe Cespedes at a formal dinner. Cespedes, who received the funny gesture pretty well, went on to pose with the inflatable doll as the press took pictures.

The site reports that Roberto Fantuzzi, president of the Manufacturing Exporters Association (ASEXMA), made the guests at the year-end dinner laugh Tuesday night when he said that the economy, like women, needs to be "stimulated" to become more dynamic. While many people thought the move was hilarious, some people are disappointed with Cespedes.

While Fantuzzi does have a reputation to pull out the dramatics, many people were especially disapoointed with Cespedes.

"Efforts to respect women have been a major principle in my two administrations," President Michelle Bachelet said in a Twitter post. "What happened at the ASEXMA dinner cannot be tolerated."

Former President Sebastian Pinera shared his distaste with the actions at the formal dinner tweeting "the ASEXMA's gift to the economy minister: an inflatable doll to stimulate the economy shows unacceptable vulgarity and crudity."

After learning about some of the backlash received for their actions, both Cespedes and Fantuzzi apologized to everyone and assured people that he was not promoting any violence or lewdness against women.

Cespedes explained that the gift honestly took him by surprise but he apologizes for anyone who found the stunt disrespectful.

"What happened is not in line with respect for women's dignity," the minister shared.

Sen. Carolina Goic, president of the Christian Democratic Party, said the gift was "in bad taste and of unacceptable male chauvinism."

We regret the present," Women's Affairs Minister Claudia Pascal said. " Yes, the economy must be boosted. But women cannot continue to be used as objects for male chauvinist jokes."

While all of the leaders involved have apologized, this stunt may have cost Cespedes to lose a future term at the la Moneda palace.