Luis Gerardo Méndez is one of Mexico's most acclaimed young actors starring in a string of cinematic hits that include the comedy "Nosotros Los Nobles." The 32-year-old actor was recently interviewed by Martha Debayle for her magazine "Moi" that gave insight of his sexuality that surprised his followers. Méndez has kept a low profile and instead focused on his career rather than shedding light on his personal life. The star talked about infidelity within the gay community which has shocked media as this was one of the few times he let the media peek into his life. "If the agreement is that you can sleep with anybody, there are no problems, but if it's not, it's not cool," he said. "I was not faithful to many, I struggled a lot with it, but I have redeemed myself." Mendez used the masculine word of "muchos" instead of "muchas," which the latter would refer to women.

These words have been spread all over and has the media rampant saying Luis Gerardo has come out of the closet. But did he really? Most importantly does he have to and why would we care? Yes the gay community wants and needs more positive idols in México, but after all it's his personal life. Actors shouldn't be forced to declare their sexuality, they should just be themselves and deliver their best work on-screen for our entertainment. What they do behind closed doors shouldn't be an issue and shouldn't cause such a commotion. For Luis Gerardo being gay is not going to make him a better or worse actor, he is already great. We've seen him in "El Curioso Incidente Del Perro A Media Noche" and in telenovelas like "Lola, Erase Una Vez" and "Corazón Partido" delivering solid performances. We loved that he just openly talked about his experiences, but we don't need to label him anything.