Lupillo Rivera has officially canceled his concert tour in Mexico, businessman Arturo Cruz confirmed on Thursday. According to Cruz, the man in charge of the singer’s booking in the country, his life and “El Toro del Corrido’s” life could be in danger after a group of armed men tried to kidnap Rivera and his entourage in Puebla on Saturday.

“We don’t think it is convenient for us to keep working for the time being. With Lupillo we have already cancelled some of his remaining dates in Mexico,” Cruz told the Mexican press. He continued, “I will be escorted by the Mexican Army to Mexico City, and then I’ll fly to the U.S.”

The entrepreneur exposed that the men who attempted to abduct Jenni Rivera’s brother last weekend are believed to be involved in some sort of organized ring and everyone who is working with the performer could be in jeopardy.

“They know were we live, I feel threatened, the guy who gave the order has a lot of people working for him and he belongs to an organization,” he stated. “He is not just any guy who wanted to steal something, we are aware of the situation.”

Cruz revealed that Rivera is very scared about the whole situation and doesn’t want this to turn into an on-going situation. “Lupillo is afraid, but thank God he is doing good,” he told the media and added that their biggest fear is that these men will retaliate for not getting what they wanted.

On Monday, the news broke the 44-year-old singer had been ambushed by a group of men after his concert in Petlancingo, Puebla. His driver and manager were retained for a couple of hours by the criminals but were freed after federal agents were able to trace the kidnappers on the road hours later.

Official reports say the felons made it very clear that the “problem” was not with them. Lupillo Rivera has yet to publicly address the situation.