Macaulay Culkin made a surprise appearance on-stage in Bristol, UK during a concert. No, he wasn't singing "White Christmas" with The Drifters as many will remember from 1990. Culkin instead joined Adam Green for a rendition of the Beach Boys "Kokomo." This time, Macaulay Culkin chose wisely to not apply any aftershave.

In the time since Kevin McCallister flew home from New York after his mother tracked him down in front of a famous Christmas tree just off Avenue of the Americas (no thanks to 'Concierge' Tim Curry), not much has been seen of Macaulay Culkin.

Adam Green, former lead for the band Moldy Peaches, is part owner of an art collective with Culkin and Toby Goodshank called "Three Men and a Baby." It reportedly took a short while for the attendees of Adam Green's concert to realize the markedly taller, longer-haired man sporting shades was indeed Macaulay Culkin.

The 32-year-old former "Home Alone" and "Richie Rich" star was allegedly onstage to replace Green's planned duet partner Binki Shapiro, who called in sick for last week's concert.

On an evening following the concert, Marley Spindley, a student from Essex, UK and his friend Drew were walking through London around 2:30 in the morning when they initiated a conversation with a man they thought to be homeless.

After a few moments, Spindley realized the man with black-painted fingernails and wearing tattered clothes smoking a cigarette was indeed Macaulay Culkin, though at the time it seemed even Marv Murchens would appear to have it together better than Culkin at the time. The Sun compared Culkin's appearance to that of Brenda Fricker's character in the New York sequel, who meandered about Central Park during the day covered in pigeons.