Drug smuggling rings have become a national problem. With law enforcement working to take down drug lords, there are still many people who slip through the cracks and distribute drugs across the country. It is now being reported that eleven women in Colombia have been taken into custody for attempting to conceal cocaine in their unmentionables!

According to FOX News Latino, Eleven women from Colombia, one of them pregnant, were detained at Barajas airport in Madrid, each with 1.6 pounds of cocaine concealed in the vagina. Yes, you read that correctly!

The site reports that the women that vary from ages 22 to 47-years-old arrived in Madrid on a flight from Medellín, Colombia, and carried the drug in a cylindrical container inserted in their body. Authorities got wind of the situation when one of the woman revealed she was pregnant and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where the drugs were removed safely from her body.

Confidencial Colombia reported that five of the women were arrested at first, and a few hours later the other six. They all carried the drug in a similar fashion.

This story is not uncommon with many drug lords using any methods necessary to transport their product to other countries. In the hit sequel "Bad Boys 2", which was released in 2003, we watched as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence fight to bring a drug lord/mortician Johnny Tapia to justice for smuggling cocaine through dead bodies between Florida and Cuba.

The eleven women were arrested on November 27th, but the Spanish police didn't make the news public until this morning. There is no word on the eleven women accepting a plea deal or talks of their legal representation responding to the charges.

This story is developing.