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A man in Texas accused of killing an El Paso lawyer in November was arrested last week. Joseph Angel Alvarez who hunted down the female lawyer and her husband claimed that his actions were an effort to purge anyone involved in “satanic activities”.

According to The News & Observer, the 30-year-old suspect was on a mission to hunt down Georgette and Daniel Kaufmann believing they were involved in satanic activities because of their geographic location to the park. The four corner houses on Raynor Street and Cooper Avenue was singled out by Alvarez to be the location of a “ritualistic satanic ground that conduct abortions by the manner of magic”.

Police reports stated that Alvarez shot Georgette when she arrived at her home on Nov. 14. Alvarez then made his way through the detached garage door that had access to the backyard. He allegedly took a flight of stairs up to the home's patio area where he attempted to force his way through the locked door.

Her husband heard the noises coming from the locked door thinking it was his wife so he went to the back door where Alvarez shot him as well. Daniel was able to crawl out of the house to their neighbor and asked for help. He sustained a gunshot wound on the head, his shoulder and wrist.

Georgette’s body was found inside her garage with the car still running.

During the investigation, authorities found an email sent by Alvarez to an Army counterintelligence group where he identified the park as a satanic ground. His email included photos of the area, which included the Kaufmann’s driveway.

In his email, Alvarez said he was targeting the couple’s home because they voted for President Joe Biden. He also labeled pro-choice people as the “Jewish Satanist Party”, the media outlet reported.

At the time of the shootings, Alvarez was not employed and was just also recently fired from his job at General Aviation Terminal, Airline Ground Support. He was fired for stalking a female worker during his day off. El Paso Police Department SWAT team along with detectives arrested Alvarez while he was at his current job.

Alvarez is facing charges of murder and aggravated assault and is now in custody at the El Paso County Jail. A judge has set his bail bond at $2.5 million.

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