A man reportedly killed a 22-year-old man and dumped his body in a sewer for talking to his girlfriend in Delhi, India on Friday, Oct. 21.

The 22-year-old victim, Manish was reportedly working at a mobile shop in Gaffar market, Karol Bagh, Delhi. However, recently, Manish's father Bhagirath filed a missing person complaint at the police station stating that his son had been missing since Friday evening and that his son's car had been found in a suspicious condition with blood stains in Delhi's Cantt area, the Times Of India reported.

Based on the complaint filed by the victim's father, an investigation was launched into the incident. When officers scanned the victim's call records, it revealed that two persons from Churu in Rajasthan, India were in constant touch with him. Following this, officers conducted a raid at the suspects' houses. When questioned by investigating officers, the accused, identified as Sanjay Buchha, 22, and Sitaram Suthar, 21, confessed to killing Manish and dumping his body in a sewer.

According to Buchha, who was working as a computer assistant in Kolkata, he met Manish through his girlfriend. Buchha told the officers that he was upset with Manish since Manish had a close relationship with his girlfriend and was still in touch with her. Buccha wanted Manish to stop being in contact with his girlfriend and decided to eliminate Manish by murdering him, India Today reported.

On Friday, Oct. 21, Buchha contacted Manish and asked him to meet in Delhi. Buchha and his friend Suthar, a carpenter by profession, reached Karol Bagh and called Manish at Padam Singh Road. When Manish came in his car and met the accused persons, the accused offered him alcohol and asked him to delete the contact details and photos of his girlfriend. However, when Manish refused, a heated argument ensued between them and the accused strangled him with the help of a rope inside the car.

After murdering Manish, the accused tried to dump the body in an abandoned area. However, due to traffic, it took them over two hours to dump it. The accused later dumped the body in a sewer in Delhi's Cantt area.

Manish's body was later recovered from Delhi's Cantonment area after intensive scanning of GPS timeline history.

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