A man from Pennsylvania was arrested after he shot his pet dog dead and treated it as a barbecue afterward.

Nikolay Lukyanchikov, 48, was arrested last Friday, according to New York Daily News. He was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and was still behind bars after he had failed to post bail. Other charges were filed against him, including "discharging a firearm into an occupied structure" and "reckless endangerment".

Cops arrived at Lukyanchikov’s home in Northampton Township at around 7 am the same day he was arrested after they received a report of an alleged gunshot heard from his lawn.

He was expected to pay $1 million worth of bail, as repoetd by The Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday. The whopping amount was determined by the district prosecutors due to the serious nature of the cruelty charge that was also claimed to be a felony. Prosecutors also believed that Lukyanchikov posed a serious threat to the community.

During the start of arrest, Lukyanchikov was said to be found sitting on a couch, described as “incredibly intoxicated” and unable to speak. He had also set $100 bills on fire using lighter fluid inside a “metal fire pit."

On top of the fire pit was a barbecue grill that contained a suspicious "small animal." The officers put out the fire and found out that it was actually a small dog. It was Lukyanchikov’s pet dog that he shot in its eye as heard from the gunshot complaint.

It was his roommate who reported the incident to the police and had later admitted that the dog was actually shot inside the man's bedroom earlier that day. Lukyanchikov revealed the despicable crime to his roommatewhile boasting a 9mm Beretta handgun.

Her allegations were confirmed after the cops found bullet holes and blood splattered along the hallway of the Bucks County home. The same handgun that was described and used to kill the animal was also recovered inside the house.

Lukyanchikov will face up to seven years in prison for the aggravated cruelty charge alone under the current Pennsylvanian state law against animal cruelty that went into effect last 2017.

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