The North Yorkshire Police are on the lookout for a sick predator, who has been in the hiding to evade court sentencing for raping a woman who stayed over at his place, a decade ago.

Jason Vincent Longhurst was sentenced to nine years in prison by the York Crown Court, after failing to show up for a hearing on Thursday. He was placed on the sex offenders’ register in his absence during trial.

According to ITV, Longhurst abused the victim, when she was a vulnerable 14-year-old who used to stay at his home as a paying guest. He forced himself upon the teen in the bedroom that she was staying in, and attempted to intimidate her. Longhurst reportedly strangled the girl with a jumper and carried out the act shortly after she became unconscious.

The gruesome act was carried out at a time when Longhurst was reportedly on prison license and was briefly released from jail from a sentence for driving offenses.

Cops have urged the public to stay vigilant and report any relevant information pertaining to the sightings of the assailant or the case to North Yorkshire Police. Longhurst’s non-appearance on Monday was the second time in three weeks he had skipped bail, The York Press reported.

The victim opened up about her trauma in a personal statement and cited how the harrowing experience had a “catastrophic effect” that rubbed her well into her adult years, leaving her scarred for life. The victim’s statements were recorded in court, with court officials lauding the woman for coming out in the open and displaying exemplary courage in the face of the crime.

Investigating officer Sergeant Hannah McPeake addressed the sentencing of Longhurst, and said, “The sentence handed to Longhurst confirms him for exactly what he is – a sickening predator who preyed on a young girl, who should have been safe in his family home.” She added that Longhurst was disgusted by the allegations levied against him, and pleaded not guilty, despite the pieces of evidence that were presented. He remains a wanted criminal on a crown court warrant.

It has been reported that Longhurst won't be taken into custody right after getting arrested. He will first be made to appear before a crown court judge, to explain what led to a charge of failure to attend the York Crown Court.

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