Manchester United player Juan Mata is definitely a class act. The Spanish soccer sensation was leaving the stadium after a game in a hurry to catch the team bus, when he suddenly noticed a young fan trying to get his attention. The boy, Alex Nield, suffers from cerebral palsy and is wheelchair-bound. Mata couldn't help but to run over to him avoiding his security detail to greet this young admirer.

Juan Mata Juan Mata has proven once more that he's one of soccer's nicest guys! Reuters

He hugged Alex and took the opportunity to snap some photos with him and speak briefly with the fan and his father. Nield's dad was so impressed he shared the encounter on social media. Mata added to the joy of young Nield by inviting him to the game against Stoke. This is not unusual for Mata, who is known to surprise fans with nice perks.

It was a relief that Mata decided to stay with Manchester United, as rumors started surfacing this past summer that he would leave after Jose Mourinho took the coaching job with the football (soccer) club. Not only did he stay, but has started five of the seven games since, scoring twice and adding an assist from his midfielder position.

Mata comes from a football (soccer) family. His father played for Real Burgos when he was a child and inspired him so much that he followed his footsepts by playing professional soccer for Real Oviedo, Real Madrid, and Valencia in Spain, and Chelsea and Manchester United in England. "Since I was five years old I have been attracted to this sport," Juan has said in the past. "It's been my passion all my life."

He also played for the Spanish National Team winning the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and the European Championship in 2012. Matos soon thereafter ran back to catch the bus that stood waiting with his team during this exciting encounter and leaving an impression on a young boy forever.