Marc Anthony New Song: Singer Releases Single 'Vivir mi vida' [AUDIO]

Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony's "Vivir mi vida" is a preview of the singer's next album. SONY

Marc Anthony is back. After months away from the music scene and the spotlight -- following his much publicized divorce from Jennifer Lopez -- the singer is back in the stage: He released a new single, "Vivir mi vida," on Friday.

The tune goes back to the salsa origins of the New York singer, who in his last albums opted for a more pop sound. "Estoy super emocionado!" tweeted the singer on the days prior to the release.

Anthony also stated why he has kept quiet for so long in an interview with NBC Today.

"I really needed to miss music," he said, speaking of his renewed love for the industry.

The artist also confirmed that he is working on a new album, which will be released in July.The album, still without a title, is being recorded in the Hit Factory in Miami, where he's worked with hotshot producers like RedOne and Sergio George.

Want to know what the new Anthony sounds like? Listen to it here! And buy it on iTunes here!

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