Marc Anthony’s divorce with model Shannon de Lima has been delayed again, this time because neither the lawyers nor the judge appeared at the appointment they both had in the Miami court.

Tuesday, January 10 was supposed to be the last hearing to finalize the former couple’s divorce, but it seems the court does not want Marc to be single again as the appointment was unsuccessful. Marc and Shannon had to assist to this last appointment to process their divorce, but neither of them or their lawyers showed up.

Though the requirement for divorce was filed by the singer on December 16, this could mean that maybe they couple is not actually continuing with their separation or this is just simply a temporary stop of the process.

The announcement of the separation was made through a brief communication to the media. In the legal process, Marc Anthony is represented by attorney Paul Leinoff. Names are not cited in the legal defense of his wife still. The date of the next appointment has not been announced, but could be as early as next week.