There was a bit of a controversy when Ellen DeGeneres, who has been strongly opposed to the views of the former President George W. Bush, was seen sitting next to him at the Dallas Cowboys game. The TV show host received some flak for the photos that surfaced online, and the celebrity who has joined the people who have slammed her is Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo.

DeGeneres addressed the negative comments she got from people online on her TV show.  She said that she knew that she would get to meet many celebrities at the venue, many of whom may not have the same believes as her on a whole range of issues, including politics. The TV host also recognized that the pictures of her laughing with the ex President divided people.

Initially, DeGeneres joked about the situation where a gay liberal Hollywood celebrity was laughing with a conservative Republican politician. She also joked about the fact that people didn’t notice she had the new iPhone 11 in her hand.

Talking about how people were divided about the incident, DeGeneres pointed to a tweet from someone who said that seeing the two people with opposing views sitting and laughing together while enjoying the game made him have faith in America again.

DeGeneres explained that she is friends with Bush and a lot of other people who don’t share the same beliefs as her. She said that people have forgotten that it is okay to be different and have different views.

Reacting to her defense, Ruffalo took to Twitter to say that he doesn’t agree with DeGeneres. The actor said that the TV show host can talk about being civil and kind only after Bush is “ brought to justice for the crimes of the Iraq War.” He talked about Iraqi deaths and deep physical and emotional scars the American soldiers suffered because of the war as some of the issues the former President has to address.

Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres at the People's Choice Awards in 2015. Getty