Allan Arbus died Friday in Los Angeles. The actor best known for his role as psychiatrist Maj. Dr. Sidney Freedman lived to be 95. The New York City native was born on Feb. 15, 1918 and was an Army photographer during World War II, prior to playing in the military-themed television show.

In addition to his work on "MASH," Allan Arbus had frequently appeared on 'Law & Order' as well as "L.A. Law."

He married Diane Nemerov, a racy photographer, who later committed suicide in 1971, two years after the couple officially divorced. Prior to their split, the pair operated a photography business in New York through which they contributed to a number of major magazines at the time.

Allan Arbus later married Mariclare Costello, an actress, in 1977. Arbus leaves behind his second wife and three kids, Amy, Doon, and Arin.

FOX News reported that Allan Arbus' portrayal of the military psychiatrist, Dr. Freedman, was so convincing that "co-star Alan Alda often found himself opening up to Arbus" off-set.