Mash Vandead could be heading into serious trouble in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 6. After having stood up the school’s bully, Lloyd Cavill, things just got worse as he actually hurt the well-connected student on school grounds.

‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 5 Recap

Just as speculated by previous “Mashle” manga spoilers, Lloyd was not very happy when Mash did not arrive to meet him as they previously agreed upon. Lloyd then set out to make Mash’s life miserable and he did it in two ways.

First, he coerced Mash’s roommate Finn Ames to destroy his textbooks. With his book damaged, Mash had to borrow Finn’s textbook and thanked the latter for being such a great pal. The encounter made Finn feel very guilty as he was the culprit behind the book’s destruction in the first place.

Then Lloyd pretended to help Mash achieve his goal of becoming the next Divine Visionary. Lloyd promised to put a good word or two for Mash to the school’s Vice Principal, whom he personally knew in exchange for Mash doing things for him.

The simple-minded Mash readily agreed to Lloyd’s offer, not really thinking about the possible ulterior motive behind the offer. Thus, Mash did embarrassing things for Lloyd, such as carrying his things, tying his shoelaces for him and even cleaning up after Lloyd when the latter intentionally spilled his drinks on the floor.

But Lloyd was not satisfied even with what he put Mash through. He planned to make Mash quit school by burning his robes, a task that he assigned to Finn. However, Finn already felt very guilty at this point and refused to obey Lloyd’s order.

Lloyd then forced Finn to “apologize” to him. When Mash saw his bloodied roommate and heard his apologies for destroying his textbooks, Mash finally realized what Lloyd was up to. Without listening to what Lloyd had to say, Mash grabbed the former by his hair and smashed his head into the floor to the shock of Lloyd’s other lackeys.

‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 6 Predictions

Lloyd is likely to use his injuries as an excuse to have Mash expelled from the school in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 6. Lloyd is well-connected as he personally knows the academy’s Vice-Principal. In addition, his father is a VIP in the Bureau of Magic so it’s also possible that he might use his position to put pressure on the academy to fulfill his son’s wishes.

Finn is likely to get into trouble as well though Lloyd might have no grounds to have him expelled at the moment. But since his refusal to obey Lloyd’s orders, Finn is already marked by Lloyd as when of the students that he needs to eliminate.

But EconoTimes put forth the possibility that someone might actually defend Mash as the school’s board deliberates on his case. This person is Headmaster Wahlberg, the only one who saw Mash’s potential during the entrance exam.

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 6 will be released on March 2.

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