Amazon author, Matt Kadish, sat down with Latin Times at NYCC for an exclusive interview regarding his best selling book, "Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet." Matt Kadish

Matt Kadish is the best selling author you’ve never heard of and quite frankly you are missing out. For every writer who sits scribbling away, thinking about possible characters and plot lines to make yourself the respected published author you already thing you are, Latin Times has discovered you’re new role model. Any genuine biographical history of Matt Kadish can not be discovered online mainly due to the author’s tendency to write tall tales in the “About Me” sections of multiple websites, including his own. However, after meeting the author at New York Comic Con we were finally able to get some actual info out of Kadish, who describes himself as an “author, certified evil genius and a hot buttered biscuit with a side of sexy gravy.”

In addition to this incredibly telling tagline, Kadish revealed that he is Ohio native who now resides in Las Vegas, and while he has kept them particularly hidden in his online persona, an incredibly supportive team, his family, surrounds Matt. Joining the author at Comic Con was his father, brother, and mother, who also served as the editor for his new book “Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet,” which was first published using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing feature. Kadish sat down with Latin Times for an exclusive interview and revealed that without Amazon he would not have been a “successful writer,” he also told us his favorite thing about attending comic book conventions, and of course he told us just what his favorite thing to cosplay as is! But one of the most exciting things that Kadish told us was that in addition to the second installment of his already successful “Earthman Jack” series, his beloved book character might actually be making its way to the TV screen.

Check out the full interview with Matt Kadish and see what’s next for “Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet” book series and the possibility of a TV show.

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