Top Gear BBC filming for Series 21 is well under way. Most recently, the crew was spotted shooting at Spa-Francochamps. What are they doing there? Jeremy Clarkson is getting behind the wheel of the McLaren P1 hypercar.

This black McLaren P1 looks menacing as the first video shows it emerges from a driveway behind two Range Rovers carrying the crew. The second video shows the black McLaren P1 tearing it up a very wet Spa-Francochamps track. The crew does a walk-around in the paddock before the car hit the track. Thankfully, the camera managed to capture some close ups of the rear, giving a better view of the taillight cluster and a little peekaboo of the powertrain hardware behind the mesh vents. 

The McLaren P1 looked simply sensational as it blasted through Eau Rouge. Unlike the Formula 1 cars, Clarkson trail brakes into the turn. Given the damp surface and all the spray, who can blame him? In fact, you can even see the P1 get really loose coming out of the corner after the straight. A matte-black Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG camera car and a helicopter follow the P1 to get all the sweet wide-angle cinematic shots.

How how does Jeremy Clarkson feel about the McLaren P1? The loud Top Gear presenter shared on Twitte:"Right. The P1. Complete game changer. The next chapter in motoring. Speed like you simply would not believe". Now the question is how does the Stig feel about the McLaren P1?