Noel and Christian
"Me Pongo de Pie" judges get into an argument during the reality singing competition's last concert. Getty

Cristian Castro has been very opinionated lately. The “Me Pongo de Pie” judge recently made the headlines after making unnecessary declarations about singer Luis Miguel, which he later denied and even said he missed the relationship he once had with “El Sol de México.”

A couple of months ago, when David Zepeda’s controversial video came out, Castro teased his fans with the possibility of releasing a similar video. He even told the media that his female fans would be surprised if he made his private parts public, “Hopefully I can get caught like Elvis Crespo” he said, talking about the time the “Suavemente” singer got caught masturbating on an airplane.

Veronica Castro’s offspring seems to be all about talking about his colleagues. “El Gallito Feliz” shared his opinion about Noel Schajris behavior on the Univision reality show “Me Pongo de Pie.” It all started when Schajris stopped one of his team members, Franco Moro, in the middle of his performance. He then proceeded to give him a pretty harsh critique by saying that he had just witnessed Moro’s worst performance during the competition.

Cristian, once again, decided to share his opinion about his co-star by stating that he is very unprofessional, “We already proved that he doesn’t have a good sentiment, and truth to be told I think that’s for amateurs, to have those reactions and throw a fit.” He continued by saying, “I am very upset. Here we show how are as people and singers. I don’t understand why he has to be disrespectful with his teammates, the other judges think the same.”

Noel Schajris publicly apologized to Cristian after finding out what he had said about him, “We are all very human, I made a mistake by stopping Franco, I shouldn’t have, specially after talking to him, and him saying that he would’ve loved to finish the song.”

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