He’s a Latin American Music Producer and Video Director, whose work has been heard through artists such as Diddy, French Montana, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mills, SwizzBeatz and many more.  As a Dominican and Puerto Rican, he has his pulse in the Latin music industry, and seeing how well he can connect both the Hip Hop and Hispanic markets, Spiff TV has taken upon himself to create a new, global sound that will merge both scenes in an unprecedented movement.

“I was born in New York City and moved when I was five to Orlando. I grew up surrounded by Latinos and in school I got into music. And then I met DJ Nasty, who’s Cuban and a producer in Orlando, and we tried to come together as Latinos, even though at that time it wasn’t cool to say you were Latino,” Spiff TV told Latin Times of his beginnings.

“I started carrying crates for DJ Nasty to all of the clubs, and I would be in the clubs at 16, hearing the music, all the Hip Hop and the Spanish music, and I started passing out flyers to all the Spanish promoters and hanging out with Don Omar when I was very young. So I would experience both the Hip Hop scene the Reggaeton scene.” Even though Spiff had a sensitivity for the Hispanic market that most people in any genre of the American market doesn’t, he decided to build a solid name in Hip Hop, and once he was known, he began to branch out in both markets and services.

Spiff TV Spiff TV working with Diddy. Courtesy of Spiff TV, Dynamic Theories

“I used to work for a magazine taking still pictures, and then I started bringing my camera around when I started hanging out with the artists, so I would do ‘Behind The Scenes’ and all that.” That’s how Spiff put together his first film, called “Reggaeton Invasion” in 2005. But it wasn’t until he met DJ Khaled through DJ Nasty that Spiff’s talents turned him into a “one-stop shop,” as he likes to describe it. DJ Khaled introduced Spiff to Rick Ross, and “I started doing A&R and directing his music videos,” Spiff recalls. “I would give him the music, give him the beat and I would direct the video at the same time and give him the artwork.”

For an artist, having one single person handle everything was a blessing, and more big names such as Diddy and French Montana began to request Spiff’s services. Not only is Spiff the Executive Producer of Montana’s album, he’s also directing and writing the music for a feature film starring the rapper, Chris Brown, Michael K. Williams and more. When we asked Spiff to tell us more about the movie, he revealed the name: “Respect The Shooter,” and told us it was a story about “a bunch of friends who meet up one day in jail and from there, they run the city.”

Spiff TV Spiff TV on the set of his upcoming movie. Courtesy of Spiff TV, Dynamic Theories

But what is really setting Spiff apart from all the other producers out there, is that he’s bringing together the Hip Hop and Reggaeton markets, combining their sounds, their beats, each artist’s swag and their own personal style and creating a whole new sound that we can start appreciating in Yandel and Future’s song “Mi Combo,” out now. That song is part of Spiff’s upcoming 2016 album, along with other mind-blowing collaborations.

Mi Combo Still of the music video for "Mi Combo" with Yandel and Future. Courtesy of Spiff TV, Dynamic Theories

“I’ve got another song with Daddy Yankee, Rick Ross and French Montana, I got Jucy J, De La Ghetto and Jowell y Randy on a record, J Balvin’s on a few records, I got him and Fetty Wap… it’s a bunch!” he revealed proudly. “Omega wants to do a record too. He wants me to fly to Dominican Republic to do it and figure out who he wants to work with from the American market. I heard I’m working with Wisin, and he wants to work with whoever I put him with, and I think I wanna put him with Jeremih. I got Gente de Zona and Yandel on a record that I’m gonna put with Flo Rida.”

So if you thought 2015 was a great year in terms of new music, sounds and fusions, 2016 is going to blow your mind thanks to Spiff TV, this awesome Latino who is showing that hard work and dedication pays off and that a little creativity goes a long way!