Moms all over the world are still gushing over Meghan Markle’s postpregnancy body since she and Prince Harry had made their first public appearance with their newborn son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, on May 8.

The praises for Meghan’s postpartum body is because of its realness. When the Duchess of Sussex showed up with husband Prince Harry to introduce the royal baby to the public, her post-baby bump was very visible. Clad in a cream-colored trench dress revealed by USA Today as designed by Wales Bonner, Meghan’s rounded belly was even accentuated by a belt tied above the waist. 

Because mankind generally expects celebrities to always look perfect even after giving birth, Meghan’s proudly displayed postpartum bump is a refreshing sight as it showed the reality of a mother’s body right after giving birth. While mothers differ in their postpregnancy body, studies prove that a big postpartum belly is perfectly normal.

“[You’ve] had your baby but you may look as if you’re if you're still six months pregnant, with a tummy that's squishier and rounder than you expected,” as stated by Baby Centre. “Imagine your tummy as a balloon, slowly inflating as your baby grows. Giving birth doesn't pop the balloon, it just starts a slow leak.”

Indeed, netizens were easy to point out that Meghan was very much relaxed and pretty with her protruding belly and that she did not make any attempts at covering it by a loose-fitting dress.

“She looks beautiful,” posted a woman named Kathy Williamson Penney on the Today Facebook page. “Love the dress and that she actually looks like she just had a baby.”

“I hope this makes people more aware that it’s normal to still look pregnant after giving birth. She looks gorgeous,” wrote one person on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's official Instagram account. 

Apart from admirably showing what a normal body looks like after giving birth, Meghan also made a strong statement that self-care and time with family are crucial during recovery. Instead of immediately posing for photos for the public hours after giving birth like her royal sister-in-law, Kate, she decided to break the tradition and wait for two days before premiering her baby to the world. Truly, this is a very modern, and radical, approach by the royal couple.

Meghan Markle Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visits New Zealand House to sign a book of condolence on behalf of the Royal Family following the recent terror attack which saw at least 50 people killed at a Mosque in Christchurch on March 19, 2019, in London, England. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images