Singer-songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor, recently, defended Meghan Markle from the press. In a recent interview, Ellis-Bextor admitted that she does not like the way “lovely” Meghan has been having a hard time dealing with the British press since she married into the royal family.

Meghan opened up about how all the negative press about her has been giving her a hard time. In an ITV documentary with Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex admitted that her life has generally been lonely since she became a royal, predominantly because of the British press. The Duchess also revealed that all her struggles with the press have already taken their toll on her mental health.

According to Ellis-Bextor, Meghan does not deserve any of the negative attention that the British press has been giving her. Ellis-Bextor revealed that she briefly met Meghan once when she was still a Hollywood actress, and she could say that the Duchess of Sussex is a really nice person.

Speaking candidly to Red Magazine, Ellis-Bextor said she is not keen on all the undertones Meghan has been receiving of late. According to her, the press has been making her jump through hoops, and that is totally unfair for someone like Meghan.

“I’ve only met Meghan once, years ago, and she seemed completely lovely,” she said. “I got on with her really well, but I haven’t seen her since. She gets a horribly hard time in the press, which I don’t like. I don’t like all the undertones,” she added.

The hitmaker also cited the “hoops” that the press has been wanting her to jump through, like racism and discrimination. “People talk about racism, but there are other things there, too, like, ‘Oh, you think you’re allowed to join our royal family?” she said. “You know, all the hoops you’re supposed to jump through,” the singer-songwriter added.

In a previous interview, Ellis-Bextor also talked about Meghan receiving a lot of bad press and described it as “disgusting.” “I think there are all sorts of sinister undertones there, it makes me feel very uncomfortable a lot of the way it is reported actually,” she stated.

meghan-markle Meghan Markle is pictured attending a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images