A new book written by a formerly close friend of Melania Trump offers shocking details about the real character and personality of the presidential spouse. Titled “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” the book is another explosive tell-all that joins the recent pack of Trump family take-down books released ahead of the November elections.

Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff became friends with Melania Trump when she was still the fiancée of New York real estate developer Donald Trump. She used to adore Malania and take on challenging tasks for her, including organizing the inauguration, for which she was not fully prepared, all until she was fired and “thrown under the bus.”

In her book, Wolkoff revealed that as the spouse of the newly elected U.S. president in 2016, Melania Trump fought against a White House staff and an ambitious Ivanka Trump, who was allegedly eager to sideline her. She said her other New York friends also warned her against working with any of the Trumps but she refused to believe them.

“My sixth sense warned me not to trust the Trumps,” she wrote. “But my heart said, ‘Melania is not one of them. She’s one of us.’”

Eventually, however, Wolkoff proved herself wrong. When critics from the media started to lambast Melania, Wolkoff did her best to win over the media and get the public to love Melania but it turned out Melania was not interested in any of those. “I thought I had an amazing friend. But when it really counted, Melania wasn’t there for me. It suddenly became painfully real to me that she wasn’t really my friend, in the true sense of the word,” wrote Wolkoff.

Wolkoff also revealed that when she became the focus of public outrage for allegedly walking off with millions of dollars after serving in the Presidential Inaugural Committee, Melania added fuel to the fire by claiming that she had indeed raked in millions and been fired as a consequence. The First Lady also allegedly lied about not having any involvement with the committee and no knowledge of how the funds had been spent.

“Melania knew it all, every detail,” wrote Wolkoff. “From the screw-ups to the salmon served at dinner, from the inconsistencies in the budgets to the failure to attract A-list entertainers.” The more she came under fire for being involved in the alleged irregularities in the committee’s budget, the more she realized she had made a mistake to trust Melania. “What a fool I was thinking I could make a difference in the middle of this den of thieves,” she wrote.

One of the key topics in Wolkoff’s book was Ivanka Trump and her strained relationship with Melania. While it has long been known that Melania and Ivanka are not best friends, Wolkoff shed more light on the depth of the mother and daughter’s enmity. She said Melania saw Ivanka as a constant opponent who was determined to grab as much power and influence as she could once the election results were official.

Wolkoff said in the days following her father’s win in the presidential race, Ivanka was a constant presence in all White House events and would even constantly wheedle information out of her about what her mother might be up to. Little did she know, Melania had already employed a strategy to keep Ivanka from being too close to Donald Trump and undermining her during her husband’s swearing-in ceremony.

“Melania and I launched Operation Block Ivanka to keep her face out of that iconic special moment. To do this I needed to know exactly where the family would be seated, and the camera angles,” she wrote. “She was petty,” she added.

Wolkoff also offered shocking glimpses of the First Lady, including her steely determination and constant refusal to be dictated to by anyone, even the White House staff. She also revealed Melania’s pragmatism about marriage and the key to her long marriage to Trump.

“Melania told me the secret of her long marriage to him is that she is completely different than his other wives,” she wrote. “Unlike Marla Maples, Melania didn’t pressure him emotionally. Unlike Ivana, his first wife, who ran one of his Atlantic city casinos, Melania didn’t pressure him for things to do.”

Meanwhile, Melania’s chief of staff and spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham disputed Wolkoff’s claims in the book, saying “it’s just not truthful.” “It is an exercise in bizarre twisting of the truth and misguided blame for the sake of self-pity,” she said. “It’s unfortunate and concerning that she’s overstated their friendship and her very brief role in the White House to this degree,” she added.

Melania Trump Melania Trump (R) greets her husband Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the second of three presidential debates scheduled prior to the November 8th election. Getty Images