The new generation of Menudo. (PHOTO: Menudo's Instagram/@menudo_offical)

"Menudo" was one of the most popular Latin groups of the 80s: Formed by 5 then-younglings Ricky Martin, Johnny Lozada, Xavier Serbiá, Roy Rosselló, and Miguel Cancel, they featured hit songs such as "Súbete a Mi Moto"and "Claridad".

Memories of the group might evocate nostalgic moments for many adults, especially Latinos. And in an era of remakes and live actions, Menudo is joining the wave and returning to the stages, although with a twist: a new lineup.

The plan was conceived last year by Mexican-American actor Mario Lopez, who decided to hold auditions to find the new generation of Menudo. The chosen five are aged 11-15 and are: Alejandro Querales, Ezra Gilmore, Gabriel Rossel, Andrés Emilio Pirela, and Nicolas Calero. According to El Nuevo Herald, four of the band's five members live in Miami, while the youngest, Calero, lives in New York.

The all Latin-descent band hit the airwaves for the first time in March with their reveal and new song "Mi Amore". Now they have released their first EP, seeking to increase the hype with an appearance at the iHeart Fiesta Latina a day after.

Un Nuevo Comienzo (A New Beginning) consists of six songs that include "Tú y Yo", "Mi Amore", "Feelin' ", "Connection", and three songs with versions English. The EP was released last Friday alongside the song "Tú y Yo".

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