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A New Concert Special from the Mexican Music Pop Rock Trio, Premieres February 13, Valentine’s Day Weekend, on HBO Latino HBO Latino

HBO Latino Concerts special, Reik: En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Nacional, acquired by Sony Music Latin, premiering Friday, February 13th at 8PM ET/7C, in celebration of Valentine’s Day Weekend.The 90-minute concert special and documentary, filmed in Mexico, is a vibrant sound history and coming of age tale, featuring high-impact performances from a menu of Reik’s most memorable hits. The award-winning trio, lead vocalist Jesus Alberto Navarro, acoustic guitarist Julio Ramírez Eguía and electric guitarist Gilberto “Bibi” Marin detail the band’s musical passage to reflect upon their decade long journey as one of Latin music’s most beloved pop-rock artists.With consecutive chart-topping acoustic balladry and romantically charged hits like “Creo en Ti”, “Peligro” and “Inolvidable”, Reik is love’s unfaultable musical ambassador.Reik: En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Nacional is the most fitting TV event for Latin music fans to cozy up to during Valentine’s Day Weekend or La Semana del Amor y la Amistad (Week of Love and Friendship).

Reik front man, Jesus Navarro is no stranger to the HBO Latino Concerts® arena as the renowned vocalist appeared in fan-favorite special Thalia, Viva Tour En Vivo, where he performed during the highly anticipated icon’s homecoming concert that premiered last fall. Reik: En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Nacional is the fourth installment to HBO Latino’s popular HBO Latino Concerts, joining the acclaimed specials for the most luminescent Hispanic musicians, Romeo Santos (The King Stays King), Carlos Santana (Live it to Believe it, Live From Mexico) in addition to Thalia’s (Viva Tour En Vivo). HBO most recently acquired the concert-docu special JENNIFER LOPEZ: Dance Again, which debuted simultaneously on HBO and HBO Latino. Latin Times talked with Julio from 'Reik' about this upcoming concert and more.

Latin Times: I want to know is this the first time that Reik does a live docu-concert that will be televised HBO Latino?

Julio ‘Reik’: Yes, it’s the first time we do something like this and we are very exciting.

LT: What surprises will you have for the fans in this new concert that will premiere on Valentine’s Day weekend on HBO Latino?

Reik: Yea besides our concert that will be at El Auditorio Nacional in Mexico HBO Latino went with us to San Diego, California where we were recording part of our new album. We stopped the recordings and started a set which we recorded of acoustic songs you will hear in this docu-concert. You will see a lot of behind the scenes and our preparation process before the actual concert.We are in the month of love and friendship and this is a gift to our fans who will be watching and enjoying or ballads & pop songs. In addition, I am sure everyone is going to love this and we had a great time doing it and it's going to be special night we are excited to share with our fans.

LT: Will you have any special guests or collaborations during the concert?

Reik: We will have a guest who was in the group ‘Camila’ his name is Samo. We decided to sing a song that is his own composition ‘De Que Me Sirve La Vida’. It was a beautiful moment that the fans will enjoy as well.

LT: You have a few songs that have been very popular like “Creo en ti”, “Peligro” and “Inolvidable” will those songs be performed at the concert as well in addition to the new songs?

Reik: Definitely! All those songs will be performed and some of the songs will be focused on the first and second albums. This will be a very complete concert and we will add songs that people may not really know about because they weren’t played that much in the radio. We are excited to share some of our new music and hear our fans chant our songs.

LT: When does your new album release and will it be only pop songs or will you have new genres included in this album?

Reik: Definitely in our album we try to include more songs you can dance to within the pop style. We wouldn’t go into another genre like Bachata or any other without it being a collaboration or feature. However, something new we do have are some Spanglish songs. We have some songs in English too and some ballads we will be including. We don’t have a set date for release yet but definitely before the year ends.

LT: Now that we are in the month of Love and Friendship. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Reik: To me is an opportunity to show the people you love how you feel about them. You get a chance to show them how you feel with a greeting, chocolate, flowers or a simple gesture that shows your love for them. Obviously this is something that we should do every day but if there is a reason why we don’t well this is the perfect chance to show your loved ones and friends how much they mean to you. The same way our fans also mean a lot to us and we wish you all a great Valentine’s Day and invite you to spend it with us on February 13th at 8pm on HBO Latino to enjoy our music with this special concert along with HBO Latino.

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