The bottles contained about 8,640kg (19,000 pounds) of methamphetamine. [Representation image] Wirestock/Gettyimages

11,520 tequila bottles that were intended for export were nearly 10 tonnes of liquid meth, according to Mexican authorities, who seized the bottles.

The navy said on Monday that the discovery was uncovered at the Pacific coast seaport of Manzanillo. About 8,640kg (19,000 pounds) of methamphetamine were found in the bottles.

Sniffer dogs were used to alert authorities to cardboard boxes containing glass bottles filled with a brownish liquid that matched the color of "añejo" or aged tequila, according to photos of the seizure.

The bottles' labels were not visible.

The only country in the world that produces true tequila is Mexico, Al Jazeera reported.

Even though there haven't been any cases of these bottles getting to customers, consuming the concoction would be extremely risky.

Methamphetamine production has increased significantly in Mexico, and drug smugglers are routinely apprehended at the border with liquid meth concealed in canisters of windshield washer fluid or other kinds.

The water is subsequently extracted from the liquid meth, usually by the smugglers, who then transport it to facilities where it is usually crystallized.

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