Mezcaleros and dignitaries were jubilant at the ceremony announcing Oaxaca’s win of the Guinness Record with the “Mezcal Wall” at Vive Mezcal, International Forum. In first row, center from left to right, starting with the Guinness representative: Natalia Ramirez, Guinness World Records, adjudicator; Juan Carlos Guzman Cobian, Oaxaca Secretary of the Economy; Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, Governor of Oaxaca; Dante Montano, Mayor Santa Lucia del Camino; and Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, Oaxaca Secretary of Tourism. Courtesy

Oaxaca has set a new world record, bringing together the largest number of different mezcal labels in a single space. Three hundred-sixty-nine bottles on display with liquid inside and seal of authenticity are the requirements requested by the global world records authority. Among the verified bottles, there is the commemoration of the Vive Mezcal International Forum, which was the framework in which the Guinness Mezcal Wall Record was established.

The contest started at 2 pm. The global world record authority reviewed evidence and verified that there were at least 300 bottles of mezcal.

They were counted one by one in the presence of two experts. Four bottles that did not meet the requirements for participation

were disqualified, however, the total was 369 bottles, thus imposing a new world record.

This award was held within the framework of the Vive Mezcal International Forum, the most important business meeting of the agave maguey production chain in Oaxaca, organized by the Ministry of the Economy of the Government of Oaxaca.

Vive Mezcal lasted three days, during which over 10,000 visitors attended, 1,100 business meetings took place and

70 million pesos in commercial agreements were made, said the Governor of that entity, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa.

Within the Forum framework, the Vive Mezcal Cup award

was also held, with the participation of 88 mezcal brands that were blind tasted by the jury. Nine brands with the highest scores received a gold medal.

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