Mexican Woman Gets Back At Husband's Mistress With A Huge Poster, Display Goes Viral

Gladys Gris González
Gladys Gris González is the victim of public shaming. Photo: Facebook / Gladys G. González

A woman deceived by her husband in Oaxaca, Mexico, decided to place a giant billboard with the photo, office address and details of the social profiles of her husband's alleged lover.

The banner was installed in one of the main thoroughfares to access the capital of that state. The same was headed with the insult "zorra," making reference to a dirty or untidy woman. The word, written in large red letters also included the phrase: "Meet Gladys, the easy woman," in addition to several hashtags to make the situation a viral content in social networks.

According to Capital Oaxaca, the Oaxacan Women's Secretariat ordered the removal of the fence because of its "offensive content" and offered legal support to Gladys Gris González, who could be related to a state official. "The Women's Secretariat is willing to help all equally," they said.

The Oaxacan Women's Secretariat was created in 2016  and has the commitment to close to citizenship with transparency and efficiency. The national project is funded by the federal government, and serves a population of about 260,000 people in Oaxaca.

Each National Institute of Women, as a federal office, works for gender equality, combating violence and discrimination against women. If like González, you are victim of public humiliation, there are some useful tips you can totally follow to overcome the drama and keep having a normal life.

The website Psychology Today shared 10 tips for dealing with humiliation by Psychology Robert J. Sternberg. According to Sternberg, the first tip is to realize that you are not alone. "If you can find people who have had a similar crisis to your own, talk to them," he says. 

The specialist also suggests you should learn from the experience, and think twice before striking back. Never hide and the most important is to move on. He invites you to don’t wallow in your humiliation.



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