Mexico Is Number One In Child Pornography Distribution, Says New UN Study

Child Porn Mexico
American citizen James Anthony Hulk (R) and Mexican Antonio Mata Moreno are shown to the media after being arrested on child pornography and prostitution charges in Guadalajara July 24, 2002. Both men are accused of taking pornographic pictures of minors and posting them on the internet. Reuters

A report by the Mexican Senate concluded that the country ranks first in the world in child pornography, while the United Nations (UN) reaffirmed the disturbing news together with with the Security Department of the United States. According to the Special Prosecutor for the Attorney General's Office for Crimes of Violence against Women and Trafficking in Mexico, so far in 2014 12,300 personal accounts have been detected with photos or videos displaying images of sexual exploitation of minors.

For its part, the Security Department of the United States noted that Mexico generates 3.4 billion dollars annually from this industry. An investigation showed chilling results. Newspaper El Universal confirmed that it only needed six hours to get 40 minutes of child pornography with Mexican children. According to the report, the operation was simple: in just a few clicks, the laptop starts to download the material. 

The article published by the newspaper reveals that to find the videos and images of underage children, the visitor only needed to find open internet forums about teen porn and collect the keys that users made ​​public.  After this, a file sharing program was unloaded, which connected to a server and the allowed users to find a large market barter with videos of rape, sexual abuse and incest allegedly performed at home with Mexican children.

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