Mexico Storm: Hurricane Ingrid Hits Mexico One Day After 22 Are Killed By Tropical Storm Manuel [VIDEO]

Mexico Storm: Hurricane Ingrid Hits Mexico After Tropical Storm Manuel
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Tropical storm Ingrid touched down in Mexico just one day after tropical storm Manuel caused massive flooding on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Both storms combined killed a total of 22 people as a result of the flooding. Almost 6,000 people sought refuge and shelter through emergency services, Reuters reports. Luis Felipe Puente, the national coordinator for emergency services told Reuters "As of right now, the storms have affected two-thirds of the entire national territory." The Interior Minister for Mexico called the two storms "historic" and said the popular resort Acapulco had sustained serious damage.

Tropical storm Manuel fizzled out overnight but left a path of destruction in its wake. The flood water got as high as three-feet, sweeping away cars and forcing residents to take refuge on their roofs. Rescue efforts became more dangerous than usual because the floods carried crocodiles in the rising waters. Of the 22 deaths that have been reported, 11 took place in Acapulco. A family of six was killed when their home was demolished by a landslide. Another five people were killed when a wall collapsed and crushed them to death.

According to the United States National Hurricane Center tropical storm Ingrid, the second hurricane of the season (before it was downgraded) reached the Mexican mainland close to 8am EDT Monday morning. Ingrid's center will move further into Mexico today and tonight. Winds have decreased, but are still reaching speeds of 65 mph. Over 1,000 homes in Veracruz have been damaged or destroyed by the storms. Highways and bridges have also been damaged by the storms. The last time Mexico was hit with two hurricanes was in 1958.

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