Mexico's Olympic Ski Team Pays Homage To Culture By Wearing Día De Los Muertos Uniform [PHOTOS]

The Mexican ski delegation that is competing in the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympic Games have captivated everyone for the creativity in their competition suits. Sarah Schleper, Rodolfo Dickson, Robert Franco, and Hubertus von Hohenlohe have posed for the photographic lens of hundreds of fans and new admirers who are surprised to see the Alpine skiers wearing outfits that carry the "Day of the Dead" theme. The ski suit is adorned with vibrant, colorful, bejeweled, be-flowered skulls, all sorts of patterns to pay tribute to one of the most bright and cheerful celebration in Mexico.

As reported by Mexican news website Vanguardia, Schleper is married to a Mexican and has Mexican children. She represented the United States and now is with Mexico's selection. Rodolfo Dickson is an orphan boy from Puerto Vallarta who was adopted by a Canadian couple. Even though he lives in Canada, he decided to represent Mexico, while Robert Franco has a Mexican dad and American mother.

According to The Washington Post, the outfits were designed by Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe, 59, who's also represented Mexico in six Winter Games. Even though he couldn’t become the oldest winter Olympian this year, he’s been supporting Dickson, Franco and Schleper, Mexico’s three official ski competitors.

“I don’t live in Mexico but I am very proud of the place where I was born,” Dickson told USA Today. “I really want to start something new. There are a lot of young guys in Colorado who could represent Mexico, so in a few years I hope there will be a big team and athletes capable of being really successful.”

“I am having a go at the idea that Trump is trying to build a wall and put a boundary between Mexico and the United States,” he said. “We go to the Olympics and [it’s] all peace and cheesy and ‘how much we love each other.’ And [yet] there is this very barbarian thing of putting up a wall. So, I made a song and it is coming out on exactly the day that we walk into the [Opening Ceremonies] of the Olympic Games.”

Watch below the amazing photos of the team.



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