Mexican singer Larry Hernández was arrested on September 25 at the Ontario International Airport in California after being accused of kidnapping, aggression and extortion by a promoter.

According to various sources, such promoter turned to the police after Hernández took him against his will, held him hostage, and beat him up because he didn’t pay the agreed amount after a performance. It was announced on Wednesday that the 38-year-old was going to be extradited from California to South Carolina to continue with the case.

Famous Mexican astrologist, Mhoni Vidente, saw this coming 27 days ago before it happened. During an interview with Telemundo, the Monterrey native predicted the singer spending some time in prison due to “mafia” related activities.

“Not a lot of time, like two or three days, but yes, he will be arrested and he will have to go through a legal process for something related to the ‘mafia,’ something weird,” said Mhoni.

The clairvoyant, who also predicted he was going to be detained in California, mentioned these happenings could affect the singer’s love life. The “Larrymania” star’s wife has expressed her support towards her husband but according to Mhoni, bad energies and problems could bring bad consequences for the couple.

Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” re-aired the interview a couple of days ago stating, “you have to see it, to believe it.” Watch Mhoni Vidente’s full prediction below.