The leader of the Mexican Knights Templar cartel, Servando Gomez "La Tuta," met with a son of the former governor of the state of Michoacán, Fausto Vallejo, according to a video released today by local media. The meeting was held at an unspecified date in an area under the influence of La Tuta in Michoacán, in western Mexico, according to images from a video edited and distributed by the news agency Quadratín on their website. In the video, you see Rodrigo Vallejo, eldest son of the former governor, in a conversation with the Templar leader while drinking a beer. 

The son of Fausto Vallejo told La Tuta that his father had undergone an organ transplant and spoke of plans to create a group called "the company" to work with the Templars. Afterwards, Rodrigo Vallejo Gomez recounted conversations held with some politicians to support them in elections in Michoacán on 13 November 2011. Quadratín announced that in the next few hours the whole video, of 18.15 minutes, with subtitles would be available on its website. 

The agency director, Francisco García, told MVS radio that the video was obtained through "research" undertaken by the medium since May, when it began to comment on the existence of images of at least two meetings between La Tuta and Rodrigo Vallejo. This morning, former Michoacán Governor Fausto Vallejo claimed that his son was "set up" and forced to meet with leaders of organized crime: "This does not necessarily indicate that they are criminals or criminals."