For years, Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. It was stated that it is so popular that its market share in the browser category is 67% while its rivals like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge only have a meager number of users - 9%, 7.4% and 5.6%, respectively.

Now, Microsoft is doing something to boost its power so more people will shift and use their browser instead. According to Business Insider, the company released its new Edge browser on Jan. 15 and the revamped version allows users to install extensions from the Chrome web store. 

The launching of the new Microsoft Edge browser seems to suggest that the tech company finally got the message that they failed to acquire the number of users that they expected when they released the original version. Seeing how Google Chrome got the attention of millions of people worldwide and most of them stick to using it for years, Microsoft accepted the reality that they needed to upgrade so that people will use their browser as well. 

In an effort to offer an excellent web browser, Microsoft introduced the Edge Chromium which also uses the same open source software used by Google. It was just released and the tech company is giving the public some time to get to know Edge and familiarize themselves so they can use it smoothly. 

The Edge Chromium is compatible to be installed on Windows and OS X and this is the result of Microsoft’s work in developing it for over a year. The original Edge is only applicable to Windows 10 and making it work in OS X operating system is a big plus to help them achieve their goal of gaining more users. 

Everyone can download the Microsoft Edge Chromium today but should the public go for it? Is it faster and better than Google’s Chrome? Venturebeat has the answer after running a few benchmarking tests. 

The results are surprising as all of the tests showed Edge wins. In a list of benchmarking platforms that include the SunSpider, JetStream, Speedometer and Motionmark, Microsoft’s Edge is revealed to be better than Chrome although the Google browser won in Octane.

Finally, if you want to find out if Edge is for you, there is no harm in trying and it is free. So, download it and see for yourself if it is the best browser to use and offers what you need.