miguel herrera
Miguel 'El Piojo' Herrera has been officially fired as Mexico's soccer team coach on July 28, 2015. Reuters

Rumors about Miguel Herrera’s departure had been getting louder as the CONCACAF’s Gold Cup came to its end. Despite the Mexican team’s positive outcome as champions of the tournament, Herrera’s reputation had been tarnished by several scandals, in the media and the sports world. Just, yesterday, after a night of celebration, "El Piojo" was not having it with a TV Azteca sportscaster Christian Martinoli who had been criticizing him for a while now, and threw a punch at him when they saw each other at the airport. Reports and videos also showed Herrera’s daughter attacking former footballer, Luis García.

As the media circus reached its peak on Monday, the uncertainty and speculations about Herrera’s fait as team manager grew wider, but it has now been confirmed by the directives of the Mexican Federation of Football, Decio de María y Héctor Gonzalez Iñárritu, that Miguel Herrera will no longer act as coach to ‘El Tri.’ Sources told Sopitas.com that Herrera was informed of the decision at 10am this morning, and this was confirmed when Decio de María stated that “no one who disrespects the values of the institution can remain a part of it.”

Before a long line of tweets explaining his decision, Decio de María tweeted that violence had no place in the family, “much less in any sport.” After that he tweeted they had decided to separate Herrera’s direction from the national football team. A replacement has not been announced at the moment.

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