The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a 30-year-old woman appears to have been solved.

Missy Hernandez was reported missing last December and her body was found last Jan. 16 in an aqueduct in the city of Huron. She is the mother of an 11-year-old daughter and was last seen alive on Dec. 7.

Arrested on suspicion of her murder is 41-year-old Ramon Jimenez. It was revealed that the couple had attended an art show in Fresno on Dec. 7 and friends grew concerned about the 30-year-old woman when she stopped answering calls, CNN reported.

"Missy is a very social person who is out in the public view regularly, so for her to not be responsive or seen was considered unusual," Tony Botti, a spokesperson for the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, stated.

Divers from the Fresno County, California, Sheriff's Office did a dangerous dive operation on Sunday to recover the body of Hernandez.

The recovery of the 30-year-old woman’s body came just a couple of days after her boyfriend was charged with murder.

Her body was discovered weighed down beneath the surface, said Sheriff Margaret Mims, who did not provide additional details.

The delicate dive operation took about three hours, as divers searched in the cold waters. Each diver could only go beneath the surface for about 30 minutes at a time and could not touch the bottom of the aqueduct as the disruption of silt on the bottom obscured visibility according to Mims.

Jimenez has been charged with murder and domestic violence and is now booked at the Fresno County Jail. He is due to appear in court in March.

It was also added that Jimenez had a history of domestic violence with Hernandez. This was in October 2021 when an officer visited the couple’s home according to the Sheriff’s office.

Police added that DNA found in the property suggested that an act of domestic violence had occurred there. This led to the search for the young mother.

A GoFundMe has now been set up by Hernandez's grieving family to help pay for her funeral costs (here) which have raised just under $10,000 (£7,330) so far.

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