Details of the last meal of a Mississippi row death inmate, who was executed for the 2000 rape and slaying of a teen girl, are out now.

The inmate, Thomas Loden, was condemned to die by lethal injection at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, reported Fox News. The 58-year-old had been on death row since 2001 after he pleaded guilty to rape, capital murder and four counts of sexual battery against 16-year-old Leesa Marie Gray. Loden, who wore a red prison jumpsuit and was covered by a white sheet during the execution, was pronounced dead at 6.12 p.m. Wednesday. He was held down by brown leather straps on a gurney.

Before the injection started, he said that he was "deeply remorseful," and that for the past 20 years, he had tried to do a "good deed every single day to make up for the life I took from this world." He shared that if "today brings you nothing else, I hope you get peace and closure." Officials said that he concluded his last words by saying “I love you” in Japanese, reported ABC News.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections said that Loden's last meal included fried okra, two bone-in fried pork chops, a baked sweet potato with butter and peach cobbler with French vanilla ice cream. He also had Lipton sweet tea and Pillsbury Grands biscuits with butter and molasses. MDOC Commissioner Nathan "Burl" Cain said that he had a "full belly because he ate a lot," and that the inmate liked the okra, "pork chops… I believe he ate every bit of it."

Authorities said that the meal was served at about 4 p.m., and Loden requested to see four visitors and a mental health official. Cain said that he was "up and in goods spirits." Deputy Commissioner of Institutions Jeworski Mallett said that he had expressed some remorse, and that they "spoke with him at 12. 45 p.m. and he was remorseful to the family."

Wanda Farris, Gray’s mother, attended the execution.

He became the second inmate executed in the state in 10 years, reported the Associated Press.

Last week, a federal judge declined to block Mississippi from carrying out the execution. It came amid a pending lawsuit from Loden and four more Mississippi death row inmates over the lethal injection protocol in the state.

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