The world is now busy finding the right vaccine although there are several factors to consider. Some are worried about price while others are concerned about the efficiency rate. Each country has its preference, some even developing their own. But one thing that most may have noted is that these vaccines do have some side effects.

Among the common, per, that most may have heard by now include a sore arm where the vaccine is injected. Light skin rashes also occur although it would be worth it if the vaccine does provide the needed protection against the coronavirus.

There could be more but it may be best to take on the COVID-19 vaccines one by one. For now, the focus will be on Moderna and Pfizer, two of the widely popular vaccines that most have heard to date.

Moderna is now in Phase III of clinical trials for vaccine candidates. But in earlier trials, some of the side effects were already known. This includes pain once injected on-site, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea and fevers after the second injection. However, all these would subside after two days.

According to some people who took it, the side effects were intense and saw them getting a high fever, body aches, bad headaches and exhaustion. But for them, the ordeal was worth it to get protected from COVID-19.

There were some patients prevented from getting the vaccine due to allergy reactions. This is why it would be best to seek medical consultation first before proceeding to get the vaccine.

Pfizer also started Phase III of clinical trials in July. The side effects from early trials had most of the ones experienced by people who took Moderna. This includes injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea and fevers.

For some patients, the side effect is likened to having a bad hangover. A nurse hardly felt anything in the first dose but her temperature spiked to more than 104 degrees after the second injection. This came along with chills, headache, and intense injection site pain.

There are plenty of factors to consider. Some claim has died taking the vaccine although some health-related issue could have complicated factors. These cases are low and remain under investigation.

Some elderly patients in Norway are reportedly tied but this could be a result of strains that the vaccine brings. Again, the best way is to have a specialist’s advice before proceeding.

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