The Modobag, the first motorized luggage, is slated to hit the market early next year, after its maker launched an Indiegogo campaign this week.

The Indiegogo campaign is a crowdfunding project that aims to gather at least $50,000 to get the production of the Modobags going.

As of writing, the campaign has already surpassed its goal and collected nearly $140,000. 

The Modobag is the revolutionary travel companion that offers a vehicle, some luggage space and a charging station in one. 

Created by Chicago-based businessman Kevin O’Donnell, the Modobag is a smart luggage bag that can be used in traveling around the airport, according to The Toronto Star

It has a 150-watt electric motor that can travel as far as 13 kilometers. Its maximum speed is 12.87 kilometers per hour.

The suitcase is designed to carry, at most, a 260-pound user, but it is compact enough to carry around. It only measures 22 x 9 x 14 inches, so owners do not have to check in the device as a luggage.

Eighty-five percent of the luggage bag is for storage space. The bag also has ports for charging cellphones and tablets. 

Modobag comes with GPS, allowing owners to easily identify and locate their suitcases using the official Modobag app, Android Authority reported. 

“We created Modobag to revolutionize the way people travel and introduce one of the biggest updates to carry-on luggage since rolling suitcases were launched in the 1970’s,” O’Donnell said of his invention, as quoted by Tree Hugger

“With Modobag’s user-friendly, rideable carry-on, anyone from professionals to college students can eliminate their daily stress of commuting by getting to their destination faster, keeping their electronics charged and having fun while they do it,” he proudly added.

O’Donnell’s company is already planning to roll out the Modobag in January 2017.

The Modobag is expected to have a price tag of $1,295 for its U.S. release.

Check out how the Modobag works below.