Mom Of Josephine Ochoa, 'Nuestra Belleza Latina' Contestant, Accuses Univision Of Fraud!

Josephine Ochoa
Josephine Ochoa was robbed. Univision

Josephine Ochoa was the 'first runner up' on "Nuestra Belleza Latina." However, her mother feels that the young latina was cheated out of a crown that should have been rightfully hers. "I'm talking legally, this is pure cheating," she said. Amid tears Ochoa told Huffington Post Voces that she was happy for Alyeda Ortiz. "You hear everything here: yes many expected me to be the winner, but Aleyda also had her fans,  and the public voted. I am very glad that people can imagine a crown on my head, it means I did a good job," she said. 

Josephine Ochoa's mother, however, was not as satisfied. During the interview, she told the Huffington Post "I knew she would be first [Josephine] because the public and everyone was supporting her. We are actually fact checking and examining the points -  I have been on the lookout ... I'm 100% sure that she had the number one, Nabila and Josephine were number one, I'm talking legally. This is pure cheating! " the lady said angrily to HuffPost.

Josephine Ochoa's mother continued saying "I'm proud of you because you are very strong and you continue to be strong ... You'll go forward m'hija. I thank you for all that you have shown us as a daughter, I feel happy because there was a time the doctor didn't want you to be born, but your father and I said we will have her no matter what... I support her in everything she does, and she knows how much of a sacrifice it is for me buying a ticket, but here I am giving her the best support I can, but for me this was a fraud," she concluded and left.

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