Mónica Spear
Miss Venezuela beauty pageant winner Mónica Spear smiling during her presentation to the media. Reuters

The world was shocked to hear of the death of former Miss Venezuela and actress Mónica Spear and her ex-husband Thomas Henry Berry, a 39-year-old British citizen. According to Globovision, Spear and her family were on the isolated Puerto Cabello-Valencia highway when their 2002 Toyota Corolla came to a halt after their tires gave out. José Gregorio Sierralta, general director of the Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigation Agency (Cicpc), told reporters that "a sharp object had been placed on the highways" in order to damage their car. Spear and her family were approached by their assailants, but not before the family locked themselves in the car. After resisting the robbery, Spear and Berry were shot, in close range, to death around 10:30 p.m. Their daughter, Maya, suffered a leg injury but is in the safe custody of relatives living in Caracas.

Here are four things to know about Mónica Spear's killers: 1. Sierralta told reporters earlier this week that seven individuals have been arrested in the Mónica Spear murder case--two of the seven arrested included minors aged 15 years and 17 years. 2. The actual shooter that delivered the fatal shot to Spear and Berry has been identified to be 19-year-old Jean Carlos Colina Alcalá. 3. The hunt for Spear's killers is still going on, as authorities are reportedly hunting for four more individuals who were involved in the double homicide. The people involved in the murder are supposedly part of a criminal gang that preys on motorists, led by a 32-year-old man known as "Fat Danilo." 4. The piece of evidence that solved the Mónica Spear case was a digital camera belonging to the beauty queen that was found in the possession of the only female assailant involved in the murder. Reports are suggesting that the camera was stolen to be sold for profit after the deaths.

Spears and Berry were laid to rest in Caracas on Friday, Jan. 10 in a procession carried out by the former actress' brother, Ricardo Spear Mootz. Fans attended the funeral with flowers to honor and remember the slain actress. Media outlets had reported that their daughter was initially not told of her parents death and she was not spotted at the funeral service. “We still don’t yet know whether Maya will remain in Caracas with us or go to Orlando to live with Monica’s parents,” said Thomas Berry Sr. told the MailOnline. “We will discuss it with her family once the parents have been seen off properly. For the moment Maya is staying with some of Monica’s cousins in Caracas. The most important thing is that she is safe.”

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