Queen Elizabeth is one of the most famous rulers and is the world's longest-reigning monarch. She has been well respected since inheriting the throne from her father in 1952. She has been in the public eye since becoming the head of the British monarchy. And while sitting on the throne, she has achieved so much, and here are the best things she has done. 

Dedication As Head Of State

Queen Elizabeth has dedicated her life in carrying out her responsibilities and obligations as the head of state. Vivien Counsell Mitchell, a former Nurse, described Her Majesty as having “a phenomenal sense of duty” and having contributed greatly to the British people she serves. She is truly a dedicated Queen who often put her country first before anything else.

A Modern Monarchy

When the Queen was crowned in 1952, she worked hard from day one and made sure that the monarchy is up to date. A lot has changed in the Palace since she ascended the throne, and this includes creating a way to send her message and directly interact with the people. 

She organized the first televised Christmas broadcast, which became an annual tradition to greet the citizens. Social media accounts were also set up today to reflect the major events and the royal family's milestones.

Royal Goodwill Tours

Queen Elizabeth embarked on goodwill tours. Though she can always leave this job to other dignitaries of the state, even in her nineties she continued her duties to bring peace and goodwill by visiting foreign countries.

Support For All Religions

The Queen doesn't discriminate, especially when it comes to religions. Throughout her reign, she has always shown respect for all beliefs and has supported inter-faith relations. 

Support For Gender Equality

Queen Elizabeth changed the rules for the females to be treated equally. In the royal family, males are mostly placed in the line of succession to the throne. But this rule was changed by Her Majesty, and the Crown Act 2013 states that female members of the royal family have the same right to the throne as the male heirs.

The Queen still has a lot of good and remarkable deeds, and this is why she's well loved not just by her people but also by citizens of other countries. In fact, even with the royal scandals, the controversies and the unfortunate demise of Princess Diana, the Queen is still being well respected as the head of the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (C) speaks with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (L) at a banquet dinner during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth on October 28, 2011. RON D'RAINE/AFP/Getty Images