A mother was taken into custody and charged with felony murder after admitting to tossing her two-month-old baby's dead body in the trash while high on drugs. Ladonia Boggs, from Washington, DC, said she had last seen her son on May 5, but reported the incident only two days after.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch launched a search hunt for the child.

On Sunday, May 16, Boggs ran into Henderson Long, a missing person activist, who asked if she would do a Facebook Live interview with him.

In the surprising video published by Fox, the 38-year-old mother shared the horrific reality about her son's death and explained what happened when they were sleeping in bed.

'The last thing that I remember was that I had rolled over, and he was on my chest. After that, when I was asleep, rolled over, noticed he was unresponsive… and I panicked,' Boggs told Long.

Boggs also told Kyon's father a different story before finally admitting to investigators, saying the baby had been taken by child protective services. The father of the child then called the National Center for Children and Families for verification.

According to records, a social worker verified the baby was not in their care and called the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency hotline to report "concerns of a missing infant and the mother's PCP use."

Boggs allegedly confessed that Kyon died sleeping between her and a wall. She said she awoke to see the baby unresponsive in her stomach.

The mother also confessed to the police in a follow-up inquiry that she panicked and threw Kyon's body in the garbage while high on drugs.

"I went outside, I came back in the house and got a blanket and his car seat and wrapped it up and took it outside and just [threw] it in the trash," Boggs said.

Boggs was seen on surveillance footage holding a plastic bag, a cardboard box, and a car seat to a dumpster at her apartment building. According to court documents obtained by WTOP, the package was wide enough to hold a 2-month-old infant.

Cops scoured a landfill in Virginia with cadaver dogs, but could not locate the missing body of Kyon.

Boggs withdrew her comment about her suspected use of drugs at the time of Kyon's death, saying that she smoked drugs was a day or two prior to her son's death, according to court papers.

Boggs was charged with murder and is out on bail. She is due in court on Nov. 19.

Kyon Jones
Boggs allegedly confessed that Kyon died sleeping between her and a wall. Creative Commons Pixabay

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