The Mumbai Police went viral on Twitter after posting punny and creative COVID-19 health protocols. The department’s social media game earned the nods of Mumbaikars and the world for their witty catchphrases on their social media post.

The agency has been using memes, rhymes, and clever taglines of popular personalities like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, One Direction, and BTS. Some posts made use of famous movies, animes, or simply mundane everyday things.

For instance, the police department tweeted this clever post with a take on popular singers. “The virus is 'Swift'-er than you, don't take a 'Chance'. It’s better to stay ‘Just-In,” it reads.

Netizens took a burst of hearty laughter out of the puns published on the account such as the “Head only in ONE DIRECTION – home,” and the “If John stays home, he is LEGEND.”

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police created a witty jab at both popular sitcoms of “FRIENDS” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

“The meet was legend-wait-for-it-dary!”

They even called on for Saitama of “One-Punch Man” to “punch” out the virus with a sanitizer via the #MumbaiHeroAssociation

The officers are also upping their game in urging citizens to get vaccinated, not to go outside until absolutely appropriate, and to wear a mask. Of course, in a very creative way.

“If you 'Note' all the rules and act accordingly, we'll 'Excel' to beat Covid soon. We give you our 'Word'!” the post reads.

Here’s a smart post that uses rhyming words to win people’s attention and form healthy social practices. The Mumbai Police called this “The three golden rules to staying safe this pandemic.”

Due to the popularity of the posts, the police department even called Mumbaikars to create their own punny COVID-19 posts. Among them are, “Charlie stay Puth,” “The virus is Cyrus [serious],” and “Harry doesn’t go out in COVID. It’s his Styles.”

Apart from these posts, the Mumbai Police has been active in replying to concerns health and travel concerns.

India remains second in the world with the highest COVID cases. Various reports share that Mumbai logs in an average of nearly 5,000 to 7,000 cases.

Mumbai Police COVID-19 Posts
Mumbai Police COVID-19 Posts Mumbai Police Twitter Account

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