So judging from the headline you probably think I dislike Mumford & Sons, but the funny thing is I love them, I am listening to their latest album as I write this and not just for research but for pure enjoyment. And that is why after I saw Mumford & Sons trending this morning I was thrilled, elated, “what had happened?” I wondered. Did they release a new song, new tour dates or a new music video? I quickly learned that the band had released a new music video for their song “Hopeless Wanderer” off their second studio album, “Babel.” I poured my morning cup of coffee, plugged in my head phones, and genuinely settled in for treat, thrilled that normally low-key band had unexpectedly released some new work. I hit play and was instantly confused, “that is no Marcus Mumford!” I exclaimed, I quickly assumed that I had clicked on the wrong link. I searched for a new one and instantly realized my favorite band had made a mock music video. Comical? Yes. Good? No.

I know you probably think I am being harsh, but I feel slighted, mocked and even a bit hurt. I genuinely love this band, I was introduced to their beautiful melodies and the harsh gravel from which Mumford builds their sound, and I was instantly transfixed. I have been a fan from early on and to my dismay, I watched as they became more mainstream with their first album, “Sign No More.” But when their second album came out, I was so happy to hear that their unique and raw sound had stayed intact, but now this music video. I simply don’t understand it, first the casting is odd considering Mumford & Sons is from the UK, is this directed at their American fans? I honestly feel like I am watching a SNL skit when I watch the music video, I am assuming that is what they were going for and they certainly achieved it. Now don’t get me wrong the comedians are funny, the setting is amusing, their outfits spot on, the exposed light bulbs complete the scene.

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I appreciate that the band has the ability to laugh at itself and its fans, and I am not so closed minded to think that my angered opinion over a comical music video is not a bit silly. But hear me out, I just don’t understand why they made their song “Hopeless Wanderer” which I consider a piece of art on their album into a joke? Why are Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte making out? Why are they mockingly crying and thrashing to the music? If you are a fan of Mumford & Sons music it is most likely because you connect to the lyrics, you experience an emotional response each time you listen and the beautiful instrumentals that accompany the meaningful words only make the music so much more powerful.

So I think the band that I have blindly supported for years has finally misfired. When I listen to their music I do cry, I thrash my head, I jump up and down, I experience it through and through. I would assume that most fans feel the same way, so that is why I feel the music video isn’t really that comical. It mocks the emotional and moving feeling that one experiences while listening to their music.

Lastly, I find it peculiar, that Mumford & Sons would create this video after making such a meaningful and truly inspiring music video for “Lover of the Light.” Mumford & Sons recently released the video which tells the story of a blind man who leaves his home and his cane, to explore the majestic world right outside his door. He laughs as he dashes through forest and cry tears of joys as he feels the sand between his toes and the salt spray on his face. The video is empowering and very narrative, so my question remains why they would make this joke of a music video after building such meaningful narratives in all of their work.

What do you think of Mumford & Sons new “Hopeless Wanderer” music video? Am I completely overreacting or do you agree? Let us know in the comment section below.


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