In-N-Out Burger in Mexico City: What Menus Are Available in
In-N-Out Burger in Mexico City: What Menus Are Available in this Pop-up? In-N-Out Facebook

Mexico City got a first taste of the iconic burgers from the Californian fast-food chain In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday, as an exclusive pop-up was set up for the city's residents to sample some of the eatery's classic menus.

The burger restaurant, founded in 1948 as a drive-thru hamburger stand in a space barely 10 square feet at Francisquito and Garvey in Baldwin Park, arrived in Mexico for one day only, operating on a "first come, first served" basis.

The chain had previously organized a pop-up event in Jalisco in 2023, as reported by Publimetro. While not a grand opening of a new permanent location, In-N-Out Burger is created substantial excitement among enthusiasts of the burger chain.

In-N-Out in Mexico City: Which Are the Most Popular Burgers?

In-N-Out's menu for the Pop-up in Mexico city included three options, according to the website Adondeir. They were the Animal Style Burger, the Double-Double Burger, and the Protein Style Burger.

The Animal Style Burger, first prepared in 1961, mustard-coos the beef patty and includes a choice of hand-leafed lettuce and tomato. Additionally, it include pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions.

The Double-Double is probably the most renowned burger offered by In-N-Out Burger. The website describes that this burger includes "toasted buns freshly baked using old-fashioned, slow-rising sponge dough, two cheese slices, two beef patties made 100% with American beef without additives, fillers or preservatives, freshly sliced or grilled onions, lettuce, its own recipe of spread and a slice from only the plumpest and juicy tomato".

The Protein Style Burger includes the same ingredients as the regular burgers, with the exception of the buns. Instead, this burger is wrapped in lettuce.

In-N-Out Burger: 75 Years of History

First Crossed Palm Trees in 1972
In 1972, In-N-Out first planted crossed palm trees. In-N-Out Website

In-N-Out celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2023 with 394 restaurants open throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oregon, and Colorado, as reported on their website.

While the company has achieved many milestones, one particularly curious moment in its history was the planting of the First Crossed Palm Trees in 1972.

Founder Harry Snyder (1913-1976) had a fondness for the movie 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,' where characters race to find treasure buried under four palm trees arranged to resemble the letter W.

In homage to the film and to convey a message, the founder decided to plant crossed palm trees in front of most In-N-Out locations, stating on the website, 'Because each In-N-Out store is Harry's treasure.'

Now, 75 years later, the family-owned company continues to uphold its "founding philosophy forward with a rigorous commitment to quality and freshness."

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