Venezuelan singer-songwriter Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, popularly known as Nacho, reported in his Instagram account that he finally managed to leave Venezuela after spending several days without being able to leave the country, because he had his passport expired and the government, according to his complaints, were not cooperating and had him retained.

Finally, and without being able to solve the problems with the process of his new passport, Nacho began the journey and arrived in Panama to make a stopover and then fly again to Argentina with the possibility to enter with his Venezuelan ID.

After his arrival, the singer shared his joy for being able to leave the country. He also expressed discontent at not being able to visit his children in the United States and dedicated a few words to the Director of the Administrative System for Identification Migration and Foreigners.

"Thanks to that vermin I can't see my children," said Nacho. "But thank God I have the opportunity to work and I'm already in Argentina." Nacho also informed that the reason why his children can't travel with him, is because their passport also expired and he doesn't want them to go to Venezuela to struggle. "I prefer that they wait for me in the United States until I fix the problem," added the "Happy" singer.

The singer's wife, Inger Mendoza, said in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo that even though she is used to being away from the singer because of his constant travels, this has been the longest separation. "They (children) know that there is a problem, that their daddy is trying to solve it but that is out of our hands, now what most affects us is that we don't have the slightest idea how to solve this problem," said Mendoza.

Inger also said that for the Venezuelan government this was a way of having the singer arrested without having to imprison him.